Information for Presenters

Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest

  The Japanese Society of Pediatric Endocrinology requests all presenting authors to disclose the past three years any conflicts of interest (COI), pertaining to the presentation.
All presenters are requested to disclose any conflicts of interest in the presentation slides or in posters. The templates posted below can be used for your convenience.

Instructions for Oral Presentations

  1) Each presentation should be completed within 6 minutes for presentation and 4 minutes for questions and answers.
  2) Oral presentation will be PC presentation only.
  3) Please register the presentation data at the "Presentation Data Registration Desk".
Location of the Presentation Data Registration Desk: 2nd exhibition Hall BC, 1F
  4) Please take the speaker’s standby seat at least 10 minutes before the beginning of your session on the front light of each room.

【Guidelines for Preparation of Presentation Data】

  1) Please disclose the state of conflict of interest of the all authors on the second slide( after the title slide).
  2) Please use the Windows version of PowerPoint (version 2010. 2013. 2016) as the presentation creation software. If your presentation file is made using PowrPoint 2019, please bring your own laptop. Please use the standard Windows font. If you use any other character font, problems such as broken characters, broken paragraphs, garbled characters, or non-display may occur. Some special animations that can be used only with Office365 cannot be used.
Please check the operation at the Presentation Data Registration Desk.
  3) The screen resolution is XGA( 1024 x 768). Please note that if the resolution is larger than this, the screen may be cut off.
  4) The screen resolution is XGA( 1024 x 768). Please note that if the resolution is larger than this, the screen may be cut off.
  5) Please save the video data in the same folder along with the PowerPoint data and bring it.
  6) Please note that PowerPoint's Presenter View feature is not available due to schedule and space concerns.

【Guidelines for Registration of Presentation Data】

  1) Acceptable media are USB flash memory.
  2) Please do not put any data in the media other than the data of the presentation.
  3) Please be sure to bring back-up data in preparation for an accident.
  4) After finishing the meeting, the organizer will be responsible for deleting the accepted presentation data.
  5) f your presentation file is made using Macintosh, please bring your own laptop with a VGA adapter.( recommend genuine product or products with Apple MFI Certification).
  6) Please bring a power adapter if you intend to use your own laptop. Might be necessary to prepare a VGA adapter or a HDMI adapter even if your laptop is Windows.
Please turn off a function of screen saver and energy saver.
  7) Even if you intend to use your own laptop, please submit the data for backup.
  8) As it may be crowded, please have time spare for the presentation data registration.
Information for Presenters

Guidelines for Poster Presenters

  1) Time schedule
Posting Time 9/26(Thu)  10:00-12:00
※ If you are not in time at the above time, please ask your colleagues or other participants to post as much as possible.
    Exhibition Time
9/27 (Fri) 9:00-17:50
9/28 (Sat) 9:00-15-30
Presentation Time
9/26( Thu)16:10-17:40
9/27 (Fri) 17:50-19:15
Removal Time
9/28( Sat) 15:30-16:00
※Posters will be displayed for the whole 3 days.
※ Please note that any posters remaining over the removal time will be disposed of by the Secretariat.
  2) Poster Panel
The size of the panel is 90 cm wide × 210 cm height. In the upper left corner, the presentation number prepared by the organizer will be posted.
Please write the title, affiliation, and name of the authors in the part of 70 cm wide and 20 cm height.
Please post the poster to the rest 90 cm wide and 160 cm height( The lower 30 cm of the panel is hard to see, so it should not be used).
  3) Conflicts of Interest
Please disclose the state of conflict of interest of all authors.
  4) Presenters should arrive at their poster panel 10 minutes before the start of poster presentation, wearing the presenter's ribbon.
  5) The presentation time is as follows. Because the schedule is very tight, please follow the schedule on time.
Please start the presentation promptly following the guidelines of the chairperson.
Poster presentation: 3 minutes presentation, 2 minutes question and answer.